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Fly fishing Ohio's two trout streams, by Richard Martin

Ohio has always been a trout-poor state, and Buckeye fly fishers have traditionally gone to Michigan and Pennsylvania or devoted their efforts to bass and panfish. That has changed. Read here about where and when to target Ohio trout.. through Springfield in eastern Ohio. It has provided excellent trout fishing for many years..

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Trout Fishing Ohio. Spring Valley Fishing Lake & Lodge. A family campground located near Cumberland, MD. Includes photos and information about the facilities. Lake Maps. Lake map CD-ROMs for Windows95/98/2000 with detailed fishing information.

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Trout and trout fishing in every state and national park with tackle shops, guides, news and travel resources.. HEADLINES. CLASSIFIED ADS. TROUT LINKS. PHOTOS. AUCTIONS. FLY SHOP. the halcyon days of Spring trout fishing. However, there are. a more unknown venue for trout fishing. All summer long.

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. Ohio Trout. Jamie, Clearfork River Ohio 22" brown trout C&R, one nice fish.. Steelies/Salmon. Ohio Trout. Fish Across USA. Fly Fishing Experience. The Virtual Flyshop

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After nearly every tournament, on dozens of message boards and in day-to-day conversations with angl....

Since this is generally accepted (although arguments do rage on
about this), it is generally best to choose a fly line color that
is easy for YOU to see. Brightly colored fly lines are much
easier for the angler to see, and seeing the fly line is crucial
for successful fly fishing - especially when fly fishing with
nymphs. This is especially true in low light conditions, where
actually seeing your fly is almost impossible, and the angler
must instead rely on the actions of the fly line.

In sum, for to


And, in many cases, that is just what fisheries do.

Stream trout fishing on the other hand is a term used for fishermen who enjoy the stream fishing as opposed to the lake. In stream trout fishing, the fishermen are still catching trout (brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout). There are many areas of the country that this is considered one of the best forms of trout fishing. Many use fly fishing as their method of choice. Anglers know there way is great just as well. Regardless,


Disc-drag fly reels
are all the rage in fly fishing. Even the cheapest of the cheap
fly reels tout their disc drag system.

Disc drag reels excel in large fish situations, like when
catching exceptionally large trout, large bass, steelhead, salmon
or saltwater species. The disc drag reel is designed to exert a
smooth but hard pressure on the fly line without seizing up and
is ideal when large fish that strip out hundreds of feet of line


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